Cycles Inc-Stroker Motors



Some of our work



77 XL



93ci 75 Shovel  (77 XL's Big Brother) 




93ci 78 Shovel Rigid Frame



Rufus and His 74ci XL (we built it in 1977 and has never been rebuilt since)



Rebirth Shovel                                               New Born Evo



 New Born 106ci EVO



         103ci Ground Up EVO                       Can you fit this on My BigWheel?



96 Fat Boy


96 Fat Boy



Coming Attractions



99 Custom and Owner Steve




Early XL Cases in the Cracks No More Dept




We're working on a new line of clothing


 Charlie and Ethel Lehman 

We had nothing to do with this Bike

 But we love the Pic and their son is a customer



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